Spectra 2017

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cassandra bertelson

Branding | UI/UX | Print

"Graphic Design is a service to the community. When I see something I’ve made out in the world surrounded by people enjoying it there is honestly no better feeling in the world to me. I feel like I am truly making a difference with my work."

I am the nerdy sci-fi designer who loves the outdoors just for the opportunity to get a break from the computer occasionally. I have always had a love of art and computers so to be able to have a career around both fuels my passion. This has also shaped my design style combining fundamental thinking with beautiful designs. Professionally, I am the hardest working person you will ever meet and will always put my clients first. Graduating from Seattle Pacific University, I hope to work for a creative agency whether it be in Advertising, Branding, or UI/UX design. No matter where my future takes me I will never forget where I have been.

Anchor is an app that would help users cope with verbal abuse to prevent further mental health damage. Everything about the app was created around the idea of helping the user feel safe and calm while at the same time making them feel connected to people who care about them. The neutral color palette caters to a wide demographic whether it be men, women, or teens while providing a gentle and calming experience. Anchor uses the smart watch to provide the user with a stress log so that they can see how the verbal abuse is affecting their physical and mental health.

SPULearning is a tutoring app centered around educating SPU students based on what they are specifically learning in their classes. The app links to Canvas to keep track of the users schedule as well as pairing the material with their professor. By using this app students get the material they need to succeed without spending hours on Google hoping this is the way the professor taught it.

Legacy is a brand design conference based around celebrating and educating people about iconic brands that have stood the test of time. This design is the poster for the conference. The tagline “What will you accomplish?” promotes the idea that all great ideas start with a blank sheet of paper and it is a limitless opportunity to create something that will become iconic.