Spectra 2017

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mark charcas

Branding | Print | Web

"Video games, movies, and art; You’ll find me there.

"Graphics in video games and magazine layouts are what drew me into art but the methodology and process behind creating is what kept me here. The study of design proved to be a field grounded in principles and theory, not just abstract subjectivity. I have learned that design is more than just making something look appealing; It is about storytelling and problem solving. It is the critical thinking behind every work that keeps me motivated."

"Scope" – to look at, read or investigate as to evaluate or appreciate. This is an exploration into logo design. The use of the word scope is intended to emphasize the look that a cat gives when observing its surroundings. The logo mark was constructed by sketching different angles of cats and reducing the elements of a cat down to create a simplistic mark for the brand. The typeface chosen mimics the rounded but playful characteristics within the logo mark.

Scraps is a print design conference with a mission to make print design sustainably relevant in an environmentally conscious society. The intent behind the name "SCRAPS" is to give a tangible feeling towards the process of print design. The word for the conference is intended to have three meanings; informal pieces of paper used to write down or sketch ideas, paper used to proof works intended to be altered or tossed, and the waste created by working through ideas and tossing the ones that don’t meet the goal. The logo mark was even created using torn paper.

This is a promo video for the Youtube channel Game Grumps. My goal was to keep with the channel’s jokey and light-hearted approach though the use of the music and audio clips and incorporate their existing color pallet and shapes into the motion work. Because it is a Youtube channel, I also wanted to include the Youtube brand as a bookend to the intro and outro so it could exist elsewhere and still maintain its context.