Spectra 2017

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mike curry

Branding | UI/UX | Photography | Illustration

"I am a photographer, designer, illustrator and overall rad a dude. I have a love for all things strange and grungy. I enjoy being in a professional setting but also have a feeling of community and eccentric work setting."

I have been illustrating and doing photography since I was young but I had found design just over a year and half ago. My style has always been shaped by an illustrative style and have been molded my fascination in surf, rap, and skateboard culture. With all the experiences that I have had growing up in a divisive family and community. Along side with a degree from Seattle Pacific University and the skill I have been developing over the last year. I am very excited to see what the future has to hold for me.

Venture Design Conference is all about helping people find their story about your brand, because your brand is much more than just a logo. During the Venture Conference, you will revive a book just like such to tell you about the speakers that will be speaking during the conference. Each speaker has their own individual story about how they grew their brand through their own experiences.

Buddy was created to help kid that move around a lot of are new in town. Buddy was made to help kid ease in to their school a lot easier. It allows them make friend easier without judgement they are become friends solely based off their interest and allows kids to have that social aspect that is so important for them to have to develop great social skills.

Just a little motion design.