Spectra 2017

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katelyn ewen

Motion | Experience | Print

"I’m 70% Designer 29.9% Sass and .1% Cheese. If you want to find me outside the art center, you’re most likely to find me hunting through our wealth of cinematic intrigue or hunting for the next best place do consume the best of the world’s lactose delights."

I hail from the mountains of Colorado, but I have made my design home in Seattle. I have always been inspired through creativity, but that was long in the form of music and the stage. Seattle opened up a whole new door to create: design. In design, I am fascinated by all things that move or draw us in through how they might be experienced. I appreciate the bounds of time in motion, how we experience space, and how the tangibility of print can take hold of us in a way that nothing else can. I look forward to the new possibilities that will open up in design and how we can usher in new experiences through them.

This is my 2017 motion reel. Within, are clips from a title sequence for my concept for Visceral Conference, a promo for Beefeater Gin, a promo for my Fork'd App prototype, a video art piece, and animations for my personal brand. My work tends towards custom illustration and kitschy approach to video and animation.

Visceral is a concept for a conference for those who look for more in their work. Visceral intends to take the logic and the tools that are preexistent in user interface and experience design and pair that with raw emotion and the feeling of happiness that can be experienced through design, viscerally. Visceral is for people who think differently and seek to replace complacency with joy. The conference branding is nostalgic and seeks to bring the user into tactile play with the use of elements like confetti.

Fork'd is a Mobile App Prototype for a food app designed for the foodie abroad. This app enables foodies of all demographics to find the best food regardless of their location. The app gives the traveler what they need to know to be able to enjoy the place that they are at to their fullest while also allowing for the choice of the occasional food from home and food to satiate cravings from vegetarian to drunk food.