Spectra 2017

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tommy ferguson

Branding | Motion Design | Print

"I am a designer, a musician, and a film maker. Coffee helps me wake up, beer helps me fall asleep and Jesus helps me in-between. I’m industrious and a team player which makes me a fun guy to work with."

I’ve known that my love for craftsmanship has geared the trajectory of my life towards the arts. I’ve become gripped with the idea of film and design; deciding to pursue it wholeheartedly. Living in the Seattle area my whole life has given me a deep appreciation for the community and the artistic lifestyle that this city offers. There is always an opportunity to learn something new, and I plan to keep finding it. Through my experience here at Seattle Pacific University, I’ve become eager to continue growing in my career and faith. The real word experience I’ve received along this Visual Communications journey has shown me just how vast and exhilarating the future can be.

Pour Man’s Brew was created to rethink and rediscover package design in an innovative way. PMB is a repurposed 32oz food grade turpentine can that evolved into a half-sized beer growler one would find in a grocery store. This rustic design caters to a ridged demographic who enjoy the bitterness of hops and the unconventional nature of this metallic material.

This motion reel pulls from four separate projects I’ve worked on within the realm of motion design. Through the combination of an app showcase, conference promotional, video infographic and commercial rebranding, these demonstrate my style and skillset as a motion graphics designer. Each piece comes together through purposeful stylistic transitions that keeps the dynamic elements at the forefront.

Voices of Expression was my Senior Capstone project. The prompt was an open-ended case study on a topic of importance to myself. This campaign's purpose is to raise awareness to the importance of self-expression in how it's key to forming ones identity. The goal is to inspire young people to embrace themselves through means of finding their voice. This content is a series recorded interviews that give personal accounts and responses to self-expression.