Spectra 2017

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kiley jack

"Fried eggs are my spirit animal and I like slab serifs because they remind me of the wild, wild west.”

After graduation, I intend on taking some time off to travel before furthering my education in grad school.  I’m interested in human centered design as it relates to socioeconomic issues such as small business development and public health education. Brand identity and advancement are additional passions of mine, and I’d like to see myself facilitating creative direction for a company with similar values. Some day I intend on owning a firm, living on a ranch, and raising my children where the green grass grows.

The goal of Babushka is to explore human centered design and how it becomes applicable in our own lives. This is my capstone design project incorporating small business development, nutrition, and packaging. While I was on spring break in Stockholm, I found out that my dad passed away from a heart attack. For this project I wanted to be able to tell that story about my dad through food. Babushka is packaged cashew butter, a heart healthy nut full of good fats (unsaturated), packaged and sold, with 100% of profits donated to the American Heart Association.

This was the initial project for the information graphics course, starting to explore human centered design and information hierarchy. I wanted to create a dashboard application that enabled students on college campuses to report incidents of sexual violence on a platform that would help administration better confront these issues, promoting healthy sexual relationships among students.

Walksafe is a mobile application combining several features of preexisting apps, to enable individuals to safely get from point A to point B. Users begin by entering their location and destination, followed by route preferences (i.e. if they’re alone or in a group). Throughout their walk, users have the ability to drop a pin, similar to Apple Maps, if they encounter route disturbances, alerting other application users. This could be catcalls coming from a particular house or road obstructions blocking part of the route. At the end of their route, users can review their pins, logging them in the system.