Spectra 2017

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katie lozancich

Photography | Motion Design | Print

"Happiest when surrounded by mountains. The bison of the Jackson Hole valley were my neighbors when I lived in a teepee this summer. "

From teaching children how to ski, to hiking in the Tetons at sunrise, the beauty of the natural world inspires me every day. Through a love of photographing the landscape around me, I found a passion for design. Drawing motivation from the relationship between people and nature, I seek to use design and photography to encourage others to journey into the unfamiliar beauty of our environment. My long term goal is to work in all female action sport production company, and of course still get those midweek pow days.

After experiencing the loss of a fellow ski instructor to an avalanche slide, boundless was created through the desire to provide an application that could better equip skiers/snowboards who wish to ski out of bounds. The app would manifest itself in two different forms. The phone application is intended for preparation. Providing avalanche forecast data, weather forecast information, previous logged backcountry ascents/descents, and the ability to view backcountry routes through the live view mode of the phone’s camera screen. The watch application is meant for on the snow activity. With the ability to track the duration, distance, elevation, and location of any backcountry ascent/descent, while storing that information to a public server accessible by search and rescue in the case of an emergency.

Flume is a hypothetical motion graphic design conference focused on exploring MGD in the context of storytelling. Focusing on the idea of bringing different ideas and elements together into one compelling and powerful narrative, the conference’s mission was visually explored through the metaphor of water. In a perfect world, my vision for this sequence would be to get drone footage of surreal Icelandic river channels, however, working with what I had abstractly created my own river channels through the use of watercolor paper, glow in the dark ink, and a black light.

Virago is Latin for a “a woman of great stature / strength / and courage” As I have become more involved with the female outdoor community, the more I’ve realized that I’m not seeing strong outdoorsy women reflected in the majority of printed media. As a result, Virago sought to fill this void. This publication seeks to be a space where both men and women can come together to find raw, beautiful, and honest stories about women in the outdoors.