Spectra 2017

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carlie penning

Motion design | print design

"I'll always say yes to walking miles + miles around a new city, taking in the sights / smells / sounds / foods; what makes it unique. I believe it to be the best mode of inspiration."

Hey, I'm Carlie!
Passionate about good design (motion + print, specifically) for an even better purpose. Very curious, always. Painfully detail oriented + passionate about the little things that make our world a well-informed, smoothly-operating, human-centered, beautiful place. 

Then, What Remains is a book on the topics of loss and grief. After noticing a gap in the literature on this topic, I worked to create something simultaneously strong and weak – honest, raw, and unapologetic. This book contains the words, narratives, advice, and poetry of over 25 contributors who have personally experienced the reality of loss and grief. My goal is that it might be a step in a personal healing process, both for those who contributed and those who read it.

FLUX is a hypothetical exhibit and experience design conference for college-aged art and design students, with a goal of educating attendees on an often-misunderstood topic that is under-represented in most design programs, and to provide them with the base that they need to become innovators within the field. This booklet holds a conference center map, a schedule, and an overview of the event’s speakers.

Typomania is an annual, international typography video festival. The festival aims to collect and connect as many type fans as possible, and hopes to turn them into a professional community. It focuses on young, creative, and energetic designers, illustrators, and animators with a love for daring experiments and projects. Being that the festival is in Moscow, most of the information I found on it was rather cryptic. Essentially, I had the event logo, colors, and general theme to go off of. I created this promotional video to introduce the festival’s video judges.