Spectra 2017

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connor pierce

Motion | UI | Print

"I’m a designer, dancer, and generally sweaty person. You can find me sweating at all hours of the day, honestly. Additionally, I love to challenge myself to create exciting and beautiful ways to present information, often heavily influenced by dance culture and movement, among other sources. "

Like many of my peers, I’ve been geared towards creativity from a young age. Spending my youth playing video games, drawing, painting, writing, and dancing, I eventually made the switch to design while in university. I’ve often drawn on these passions while struggling to adapt my skillset and knowledge into design thinking. Having begun to finally find a recognizable voice in my design work, I’m excited to continue to strive for beautiful solutions as I enter the professional world.

This trailer was created in conjunction with Contra, a UI/UX design conference conceptualized to help introduce designers into the world of user experience. Using footage of water, laser pointers, transparencies and mirrors to experiment with light and texture, combined with simple and dynamic vector animations, the trailer speaks into the ideas of submersion, expansion, and exploration promoted by the conference.

This booklet was also created alongside Contra, the hypothetical design conference mentioned earlier. A transparent cover patterned with hands can be pulled back to reveal the conference logo. Containing everything from a daily schedule for the conference, speakers, a list of each talk and its subject matter – as well as a number of beautiful display pages – the booklet is designed to create continuous and meaningful brand identity, while closely ushering each attendee through the conference.

go/through is an app created to help teens, as well as adults, through their parents’ divorce. Providing educational tools, multiple ways of self-reflecting and processing emotions, methods and suggestions for emotional release, as well as direct contact with a trained staff member to allow for personalized contact and feedback at the press of a button, this app aims to help older children of divorce through this difficult process in a healthy and effective way.