Spectra 2017

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venalie scheck

Illustration - UI/UX - Print

"With my VisCom and Illustration degrees, I’m excited to continue down this path of collaborating both mediums that leave the opportunity to create new experiences."

I was originally a fine arts major before transferring into SPU and thought that becoming a graphic designer in less than 2 years was going to be near impossible. Transferring into SPU’s VisCom department has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. The change was challenging in the respect that I had to learn how to translate and change my illustrative thinking into a design mindset. With what I have learned from this program, my goal is to combine both my illustration and design skills to create new, impactful user interface experiences, a creative way of understanding information, and change how we view certain products.

This dashboard design challenged us to think about the different ways information can be visually represented and how we can successfully tell the same information through the use of graphics. I chose to do my design on different therapeutic methods since I saw that as an opportunity to use a more playful color palette.

Queen’s Gold was created to rethink how honey is packaged and to explore more efficient designs that allow honey to be accessed easier. The slender physique and illustrative quality of the bottle suggest that you would most likely find this bottle as part of a luxury set or part of a limited edition.

Baby Steps is an app that was created as a solution to help battle self confidence issues, whether the issue is concerned with diet, quitting certain habits, etc. Instead of focusing on one specific problem, this app allows the user to pick values that are most important to them and depending on the values chosen, the app helps the user stay focused through a set schedule of smaller tasks, that will eventually increase in size after the user has accomplished all these goals.