Spectra 2017

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annmarie ulskey

Graphic Designer | Problem Solver

"I am an artist, that carries the love language of sarcasm. I have a creative mindset with a unique curiosity to question that allows me to see life from a different perspective. "

I am an artist that specializes in graphic design. I have had a deep love for the arts since I was a young girl. I will be graduating from SPU with a Visual Communication degree. I am excited to find out what my design futures hold and that plans that are ahead of me.

A designed a conference booklet for my four day conference called STANCE. STANCE is meant to help people understand the basics of motion design and how that can be applied to make social changes. STANCE 2016 is special because it allows emerging adults to understand and utilize motion graphics to implement the change they want to see in society. My audience will get to go to works shops that teach the basics of motion design programs, and hearing from professional designers and social activities.
Find your passion. Take a Stance.

The basis of this project was to redesign food or drink packaging. One of the premises was that that food or drink needed to be packaged in something that it is not typically found in. I wanted my project to be simple but playful. The milks will be different flavors; so the milk will resemble lattes.