Spectra 2017

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jinxy wang

Branding | UI/UX | Painting

"I am a designer, a painter and a traveler. Also, I’m a foodie because the perfect dish awakens a passion inside of me. "

I have long had an interest in art and design, starting with painting in 2007 and eventually leading into a degree in Visual Communication at Seattle Pacific University. I grew up in Beijing and Toronto has influenced my design style. I love the ability to tell a story through art and design and I think designers are expected to design multiculturally, strong design can often communicate to a wide variety of audiences when done well.

Design for UI/UX Dashboard
The goal of this project is to help me to think about information that is driven by data but needs to be communicated quickly and efficiently in a visual manner.

There is a big transition from high school to college life. Some students easily get lost when faced with the college lifestyle. It is important to be organized and stay on track.

Digital Lab Project
Based on “The Ugly Duckling” Section “Story” - including 2 pages, both with sound.
- Page 1 is telling “the ugly duckling” story’s part 1, click up left area. Next page button on page 1, click bottom right a blue button.
Section “4 seasons” - including 4 pages. Click “Spring” “Summer” “Fall” “Winter”; no sound
Section “Word Mat” - including 3 pages. no sound - Page 2 with Type in text Section “Paint” - including 2 pages ( Duck & Swan). Both with music