Spectra 2017

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keelan wood

Print | Branding | Environmental Design

"Highly attracted to crafting spaces, I am most amused by the way being a visual by profession seeps into every conscious moment of our lives—how we brand ourselves in these small pockets of the everyday "

I seek gratification in print design and potentially environmental. Layout design and unconventional grids are a place of content, as well as an ongoing infatuation with Pantone's empire yellow. Typography follows closely behind. Ultimately, relationships and places of being drive my work, in which I aspire to indulge in stories of other humans who equally thrive on conceptual substance. Butter me up with good conversation and quesadillas: quality design to follow.

A hypothetical print design conference, Dogear. explores the history of print design through its current platforms used in our everyday. Conference branding marries elements found in multiple forms of print through the ages, establishing timelessness through tangibility. This booklet in particular acts primarily as a schedule, speaker, and workshop guide to the conference weekend.

StallTalk is a bathroom publication, accompanying stalls and urinals alike across the span of the Seattle Pacific University campus, on behalf of ASSP. Bi-monthly distributions allow for new designs, seeking exploration between a calendar and newsletter. The ultimate objective behind visuals for this 8.5x11” form is to steal interest from the individual who would otherwise be glued to their phone— ultimately, sparking interest in campus events.