Spectra 2017

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karen yae

Branding | Print | Environmental Design

"I would say that my design style and taste could be described as feminine, simple, yet playful."

I was born and raised in the Pacific n for the arts. I love graphic design and I am also interested in fine art, 3D art, and apparel design. I would love to continue my exploration of the many different facets of art and design long after my graduation from Seattle Pacific University and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Alcanza is a brand that came out a 12 hour event at SPU’s art center called Branded. The business venture team that partnered with us (me, Karen Yae (designer), Carling Penning (designer), Kyle Beavers (illustrator) , and Aubrey McMichael (illustrator)) had a vision of a resource for higher education for the youth in Nicaragua. For our logo we chose to emulate the A from Alcanza (which means to reach, to achieve) and to create a ladder which spoke into the support and the steps that they provide on the journey to higher education. We pulled colors from the culture, the agriculture, and the carnivals and patterns from the environment to create a fun, encouraging, vibrant, and exciting brand.

DA:SH is the branding my motion graphic conference that is catered towards young designers who are interested in the industry. I wanted DA:SH to feel inviting, easy going, young, exciting, and full of life. I chose the designs based on the icons of play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind. The logo is representative of time and motion and how that plays into the conference. The conference as whole would focus on the basics of motion, especially the 30 second message, and how it plays a role in many different facets around us.

5SENSES is my senior capstone project. This project focuses on anxiety and taking time out of our day in order to take a couple minutes to breathe and relax. 5ENSES would be in the form of a monthly subscription box and can be used however which way the user pleases. This is a simple and easy way for anyone to be able to enjoy the little things while reflecting on whatever they need to during this time.